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Top 5 Reasons To Purchase Your Own Fleshlight by Sharron

With the wide variety of male sex toys that are available, why should you choose a Fleshlight? If you want a sex toy that looks and feels just like the real thing, then that alone should be enough reason to invest in your own pocket pussy, but the benefits that these sex toys have to offer stretch far beyond that. In fact, you are encouraged to experience their multiple benefits for yourself! Here is a list of our top 5 reasons why you should invest in your own toy!
1) Hands down, the Fleshlight is the best male sex toy in the world. Last year, more than 3 million of these pocket masturbators were sold. When you take into account that there are 100 million adult males in the United States, this means that 1 out of every 33 men own, or have used, these sex toys. With so many units sold, the manufacturer of these sex toys must be doing something right! You will have to experience this toy for yourself to discover what these men know that you don’t.
2) Did you know that these sex toys can be used to help control premature ejaculation? Premature ejaculation is a problem that many men suffer from. Sex can feel so fantastic that you just cannot control yourself. The solution to this problem is continual practice, but not many men have partners who are willing to assist them. However, because these toys are so lifelike, they can be used to practice as much as you need too to overcome this problem.
3) When the real thing isn’t available, the Fleshlight is the perfect substitution. In some ways, this pocket pussy is even better than the real thing. For example, anytime you want sex, you can have, and anywhere too. Even if you don’t agree that this toy is just like the real thing, it is certainly bound to be better than just using your hand alone. This toy never says “no”!
4) You never have to be lonely again when you are “between relationships”. When real sex is not readily available to you, treat yourself to the next best thing with the Fleshlight. In fact, when you do go on your next date, you won’t come off like you are only after one thing, because you will already be satisfied. With this sex toy, you are placed in complete control of your own sexual satisfaction, and when you do enter a new relationship, you won’t seem overly aggressive in bed.
5) You can use the Fleshlight during periods and pregnancy. There are few men who enjoy getting down and dirty when it is a woman’s “time of the month”. Additionally, many women do not like being touched while they are pregnant. During these dry spells, you will always have your sex toy to turn to for sexual pleasure and gratification. Just because your partner is not always available doesn’t mean that you have to do without.


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