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The Power House Of Sexual Pleasure! by Sharron

Let me just say that I feel sex and masturbation are both a part of a healthy lifestyle. Having said that, I also believe that sex toys can be a great means of pleasure and can really enhance ones lovemaking. So today I want to tell you about one vibrator that gets used regularly in this household. This is a vibrator you can use when you are alone, or together with your partner during sex. Which by the way, is one of the reasons it gets used so often. I'm speaking of The Jack Rabbit Vibrator. Nooo not the fury little critter we see at Easter, but a jelly-coated, multi colored, multi speed powerhouse of sexual pleasure.

The Jack Rabbit Vibrator was chosen as the best Rabbit Vibrator of 40 different vibrators on the Playboy TV's "Sexcetera". Charlotte was addicted to it on HBO's "Sex and the City", and it was selected as the best Rabbit Vibrator on a New York radio station when pitted against the Hitachi Magic Wand.

The Rabbit Vibrator is designed especially with the needs of women in mind. For this reason they stand out as one of the best and top selling sex toys for women, and purchased by women. Now, if you are wondering why someone who is happily married would have a Jack Rabbit Vibrator, you haven't had the pleasure of it's vibrations and gyrations yet. ;-)

The Rabbit Vibrator has three main parts. First a rotating or gyrating penis shaped shaft to give it a realistic feeling. Some Rabbit Vibrators have metal or plastic beads embedded in the shaft that vibrate or rotate. The beads rotate and vibrate massaging the vaginal muscles during orgasm. This really helps to enhance the feeling of an orgasm. And I mean REALLY Enhance! These beads or "pleasure pearls" as they are called are found only on a Rabbit Vibrator.

Then there are the "bunny ears". These "ears" flicker from the vibrations. They stimulate the clitoris while the shaft of the vibrator is inserted vaginally. This once again is perfect for women as it has been long proven that women experience easier and stronger orgasms if during penetration the clitoris is stimulated at the same time. The Jack Rabbit Vibrator does just that! And they do it very well!

Rabbit Vibrators have a turbo powered dual controller. An independent control for the 'rabbit ears', and one for the speed and swing of the Rabbit Vibrator shaft. This allows for a totally unique sexual experience for each woman, as sexual arousal is different for each of us. When all of these features work their magic together it is like the excitement of being on the largest roller coaster in the world. Can you just imagine all of that pleasure! WOW!

All I can tell you is how much I love my Jack Rabbit and if you haven't had the pleasure of the Rabbit's vibrations and gyrations yet and you're looking for a vibrator made especially for women, the Rabbit Vibrator is IT! The Rabbit Vibrator - A Girl's Best Friend!

Good Vibrations!

This article was published on Wednesday 09 March, 2011.
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