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The Different Types of Male Sex Toys by Sharron

In their most basic definition, male sex toys are those that are used to facilitate sexual pleasure for men. There are certainly a wide variety of different toys to choose from. One of the most well-known male sex toys is the Fleshlight; however, the list of male sex toys to choose from includes:

1)        Artificial Vaginas – These sex toys are often referred to as pocket pussies, masturbators, or pocket vags. These male sex toys are modeled to accept a penis for stimulated intercourse. They most often resemble vaginas, anuses, or mouths. Some even feature vibrating functions for additional sexual stimulation. They are constructed from a wide variety of different materials.

2)        Cock Rings – Cock rings are designed to prolong a man’s erection during intercourse by restricting blood flow to the penis. These male sex toys are often recommended by sex therapists in order to combat erectile difficulties. They also provide additional sensations of tightness and engorgement that many men enjoy.

3)        Cock Harness – A cock harness is an elaborate male sex toy that is designed to be worn around the testicles and scrotum. It functions similarly to a cock ring in its intended purpose. These male sex toys are most often associated with BDSM and bondage play, but they are available in a variety of less intimidating styles.

4)        Penis Sleeve – The penis sleeve is a cylindrical male sex toys that is designed to be worn along the shaft of the penis. Its purpose is intended to increase the sexual stimulation of the partner that is being penetrated. Most penis sleeves often feature small, soft bumps for additional stimulation of the penetrated partner.

5)        Penis Extension – The penis extension sleeve is partially hollow, and it closely resembles a small, short dildo. The hollow end is placed over the end of the penis, and it is designed to extend the length of a man’s penis. This type of male sex toy is generally worn with a condom to prevent it from falling off a man’s penis. These male sex toys can also feature different textures for the benefit of the penetrated partner.

6)        Dildos – As most individuals know, dildos come in a wide variety of different textures, sizes, and lengths. Many men find pleasurable in being anally penetrated by a dildo, and it is possible to find dildos with vibrating functions to increase a man’s sexual stimulation.


This article was published on Monday 14 November, 2011.
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