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Real Doll Chelsea Shane by Sharron

If you are on the prowl for a love doll that can satisfy all of your strongest, most innate urges, then you should stop and take out a second to check out the Chelsea Shane doll. Chelsea Shane is an amazingly lifelike doll that will have you wondering if you are not actually having sexual relations with a real woman. The biggest difference (and what might be considered one of the biggest bonuses) is that she will never complain. She also never get's headaches, has that time of the month, or gets pregnant. When you rock Chelsea Shane's world, there is no chance of contracting a sexual transmitted disease, or of any morning after awkwardness. So do to her exactly as you please! You won't be hearing any complaints from this rocking piece of silicone flesh!

Chelsea Shane is a real doll that has been designed using only the latest technologies in order to create  the most exciting, erotic sexual experience for you. She looks very similar to a living, flesh and blood woman, and she feels identical to one! Sure, she's a little more expensive than the average sex toys, but hey, you pay for what you get! If you spend your pocket change, you'll get a doll that is worth just that- pocket change. If you spend a few extra bucks, you can get a lifelike doll that will last much longer, and that will be more than worth your money. Still not convinced that the Chelsea Shane Life-Size Japanese Silicone Realistic Sex Doll is as amazing as I say she is? Here are a few quick facts that just might have you convinced:

- this real doll is created in Japan, who just so happens to manufacture some of the most realistic sex dolls and sex toys on the market today.

-she comes in a seductive lay down position that is just right for a good, rough romp just the way you like it

-Chelsea Shane is the first doll to ever be made out of the infamous 100% solid Loveclone II material. This Loveclone II material is a solid type of silicone that feels just like human flesh and skin.


This article was published on Tuesday 28 August, 2012.
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