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Just how real can a real doll be by Sharron

A Real Doll is better known as a realistic sex doll. These sex toys aid people all over the world in having masturbation experiences that are very akin to intercourse with another human being. Yet a lot of people feel unsure as to how realistic their sexual encounter with a Real Doll might be. You may be one of those very people, sitting behind your computer and thinking 'how lifelike can a pile of plastic or silicone really be?' Today I intend on clarifying this for you by telling you exactly how lifelike your real doll can be, in both look and feel.


As far as looks go, there are actually real dolls that have been mistaken for real women when placed in public places. Of course, that kind of realism costs you a pretty penny, and I'm talking about thousands of pounds here. Yet for much less you can still purchase yourself a real doll that is very similar to a real woman's looks.

A lot of real dolls come equipped with a vagina, penis, breasts, and/or anus that have been sculpted directly after a specific person's sexual organs. These organs will be the most lifelike on any kind of sex doll. This is probably because those are the parts that people buy these sex toys for, and so they need to be of the highest quality in order to satisfy the growing number of customers in need.

The body in general will be the second most realistic looking area. Some dolls are even designed to look just like human skin, and just about all dolls are designed so that they have cores and extremities that are in normal proportion to what a real human would have.

The last thing that will look realistic is the face. It is very hard to copy a human face in a way that can convince someone it is a real thing, and not just an object or toy. Honestly, it's only the highest range of real doll products that have lifelike faces, but if you are willing to spend the extra money, you can certainly get your own doll with a face nearly identical to that of a real woman.


The feeling of a real doll is more important than the look. You can, after all, just close your eyes and pretend you are having sexual relations with a real person...just so long as the feeling is right, that is. On the lower end of the scale, there are blow up dolls, which offer virtually no realism at all. Then there are middle end dolls that offer a realistic feeling penis, vagina, anus, and/or breasts. Those are the most important parts, so long as you don't want your hands to roam all over your brand new plastic friend. On the highest end of the scale you will be able to find a real doll whose whole body feels real. You can run your hands every inch of them and they will feel just like natural human skin.

This article was published on Thursday 27 September, 2012.
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