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Help Me Enlarge My Penis Naturally by Sharron

enlarge my penis naturally, here's exactly what you can do. Natural methods are always the best, since you stay away from possible complications and untoward side effects. Penis enlargement is possible, without having to resort to painful measures like surgery. There are a number of activities and devices that renders excellent and permanent results A number of men become insecure at least once about their penis size. Some keep asking others to help me. Here is some info.

Cosmetic Change

Instead of changing the current size of your penis, you can actually make it seem larger. Primarily, men trim or shave their pubic hair to give the impression of a larger penis. Others will lose weight to get rid of excess fat covering the base of the penis. There are adult lotions that have Arginine. These are generally used by men to improve the appearance of their penis while erected. The lotion will help boost blood circulation to the area, since it is a vasodilator, thereby increasing the mass and sensitivity of the tissues.

The Penis Pump

A penis pump is described as a cylindrical device that is placed over the penis. It has either a motorized or manual pump to create a suction effect. The device makes a temporary vacuum around the penis, helping deliver more blood to the penis. The penis then becomes engorged. The inner blood pressure and the pressure of the pump will increase when the vacuum increases. Excess pressure will lead to vascular damage, instead of a harder penis.

Rings and Pumps

The pump can also do other things aside from improving the size of the penis for people asking help me enlarge my penis naturally. The pump can treat impotence, depending on the design, quality and material. There are also cock rings made from flexible compression rings. These are fitted on the open end of the device. Erection is done by pumping the ring. You can push the rings using your hand onto the base of the erected penis, and then release the vacuum. The rings, however, should be removed after 30 minutes for safety reasons.

About Clamps

A constrictive device, called a cable clamp, cock rings or shoe string is tied firmly or clamped on the base of the erect penis as the person does extended masturbation. It is important that the technique is done with the supervision of an expert or after thorough studies to prevent damaging the tissue permanently. Trapped blood that engorges the penis can make it quite hard remove the cock rings if it is made of metal.

Stretching exercises can also be done by people asking help me enlarge my penis naturally. They can use an extender or stretcher and attach it on the penis for a given period of time. The cells of the penis actually split during the process and then regenerate to grow bigger. Other people can also rely on hanging methods which involves the use of weights or a rope to grip the glans penis, thereby staying suspended for a given period of time. The heaviest weight is usually around 1/4 pound. The person should be fully healed after they are circumcised before doing the hanging approach.

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This article was published on Monday 14 February, 2011.
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