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Celebrity Blow Up Dolls by Sharron

If you are one of the billions of people who have always wanted to have sex with a celebrity, you should know that there is a fantastic alternative to the real thing - Sex Toys. Chances are you will never score with an actual celebrity, but you can always fulfill your fantasies with a celebrity look alike blow up doll! What types of celebrities have look alike blow up dolls? I'll name just a few for you.

Beyonce Knowles

Fall “Crazy In Love” with the Beyonce look like blow up doll. She has three love holes for your ultimate pleasure, and like all love dolls, she is ready and waiting for you at any time, any place. Her fit body and insanely seductive dance moves have driven men crazy for countless years. Let all of your Beyonce-related sexual tension be freed with this busty babe at your own leisure!

Britney Spears

Everyone knows that men (and boys) of all ages have felt a serious lust for the blonde super teen star. Now there's no need to wait to fulfill all of your Britney themed dreams! No matter how dirty or kinky the things are that you want to do to her, she'll take it all like a real champ. Do it to her one more time and drive her crazy!


Ever wanted to rock Furgee like she's never even imagined? You can feel free to do just that with the Furgee look alike blow up doll! Go ahead and let her rock your world, or rock hers- however you want to play it out. Call her names, make her go for hours... she'll leave the decisions up to you!

Mylie Cyrus

Everyone knew that Mylie just couldn't be as innocent as she pretended to be, and her latest stunts have proved that. The box for the Mylie look alike blow up doll reads “She's young, dumb, and old enough for cum,” and “Daddy's little stoner is ready for you to bone her!” I think the box pretty much says it all with this one.

Pamela Anderson

Score with a real life, hot as home made sin, porn star with the Pamela Anderson look alike blow up doll. Everyone has seen at least one of Pamela's porn movies, and the whole world watched her and her  fantastic 'girls' run down the beach in Bay Watch. Now watch her 'girls' bounce as you give her an amazing romp in the bedroom you just know she'll never be able to forget.

These sex dolls are just a scant few of the celebrity look alike dolls you can find out there. If these haven't satisfied your celebrity lust, than I'm sure there is a different celebrity sex toys out there for you! If there isn't a celebrity look alike doll out there that can get you going, there just might be something mildly wrong for you. An obsession over the rich and famous is simply a part of human nature, after all.


This article was published on Wednesday 08 August, 2012.
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