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Best Love Dolls by Sharron

For those of us who fantasize about threesomes and orgies but couldn't handle sharing our loved one with others there is an answer. We try to not be jealous but can't help ourselves. Sometimes sharing a lover is like sharing a shiny new toy and we brats could never fathom doing such a thing! Were told to be nice and play like good boys and girls play but we want more, and when we want what we want we want it when and how we want it. We know that Adult toys won't cut what we want; it has to be more than just adult toys in our bed with us and our lover, right? Wrong! There are new kinds of adult toys out there for us, the love dolls. 

The are the most high tech adult toys out on the market. The love dolls are built in the image of a person; from real hair anywhere you'd like it, head, pussy, cock, arms or legs, even facial hair, to skin texture. Adult toys may be fun from time to time, in the bathtub or when you're just too horny to wait for your lover to cum. Some sex toys, like sex swings almost give us what we want but unless it's kinkier then that it is not exactly what we want. We thought it couldn't happen but love dolls may just be the more fun toy that we've been dreaming about.

Imagine having a slave with a hard cock to ride over and over again? Maybe a soft, tight wet pussy is where you need to be. If so there are so many lovely playmates in the collection that you can shove your hard cock into. You can put your in any position you could imagine; put that little girl in hand cuffs and bend her over a desk. Maybe she should shove her breasts together and hold them out for your hard cock to run through a few times.

Sometimes you want to watch those tits bounce wile you hold her legs to her shoulders or even watch her ass presented to the world while she deep throats your throbbing shaft. Mirrors are a wonderful thing during real life sex; well with a sex doll you can have a room full of mirrors. Dress her exactly how you'd like, or leave her tied to your bed for when you come home. She is your perfect eye candy as you made her from scratch. Each canal is perfectly shaped and tight; every tongue works on the love dolls and best of all your love dolls can be male or female and anything in between. You can build your love dolls from scratch and buy replacement parts if your rougher adult toys happen to tear your anywhere. Adult toys can be used with your love dolls and your lover or even with you and your alone. Remember, the more the merrier.



This article was published on Friday 06 January, 2012.
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