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Adult Toys: Your Newest Addiction by Sharron

There are numerous women who believe that adult toys, for both men and women, should come with a warning label, because they are guaranteed to become your latest addiction. Several studies have revealed that more than 50% of female participants in the studies admitted to using vibrators for solo play or for mutual masturbation for their party. Vibrators are so powerfully stimulating that you may find it difficult to return to manual stimulation in the bedroom! There are numerous different styles and options for a woman to choose from.

In general, vibrators are considered a safe and healthy method for women to explore different sexual positions and techniques to find out what makes them feel the best in the bedroom. Because vibrators stimulate the clitoris at higher speeds than a human hand can, they do produce more powerful and stimulating vibrations. Many women worry that vibrators are actually addictive, but this is simply not true. After a while, your body can become habituated to this type of stimulation, but this can easily be reversed.

So what exactly is it that makes sex toys so effective at assisting a woman in achieving an orgasm? Many women attribute its effectiveness to the powerful interior motors found in vibrators. For other women, the ergonomics of the vibrator allow it to reach their G spot when other toys cannot. Adult Toys, Egg vibrators, vibrating massage wands, and the Rabbit vibrator are among some of the most popular options for women, and you are strongly encouraged to test different ones to learn what works best for you.

The first time that you use a vibrator, you should be in an environment where you can be alone. You should allow yourself plenty of time to allow your body to adjust to the texture and the weight of the vibrator. Once you feel comfortable with your vibrator, you are encouraged to experiment with the different speeds and vibrations that the vibrator has to offer. Be careful not to let yourself come to orgasm too quickly. Take the time needed to really explore the pulsations that your vibrator has to offer.

When you are using your vibrator, it is also important for you to choose a time and an environment where you can relax. If you are worried that your partner, roommates, or family can hear you, then it can inhibit your freedom in the bedroom. Especially if this is your first time using a vibrator, you will want to afford yourself total privacy. Using a vibrator for the first time is an exciting moment for a woman, and you will want to experience it to its fullest. If you do choose to eventually use your vibrator in conjunction with your partner, make sure that you play it safe and cover the vibrator with a condom.

This article was published on Wednesday 07 December, 2011.
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